Le Leggende di Eriu - Volume 01

The Legends of Eriu
Mitologika - Volume 01

They are stories buried by time, distant and unknown to many, those that are told in Mitologika - The legends of Eriu.
This is the first volume of the book series dedicated to the mythologies of the world, created, writed and edited by Alessia Mainardi in collaboration with collective of artist Casa Ailus.
On this journey the author will guide us through prophecies, curses and battles, telling us about the ancient traditions and popular beliefs of the Anglo-Saxon countries that were the foundation of the fantasy genre.
It is a pictured story, which will make us discover the glories and tribulations of the Tuatha De Danann lineage. We will meet fascinating Sidhe, weeping Banshee, and horrible Fomori with a soul as black as darkness. And yet great kings and queens, conquerors of remote lands, and beautiful immortal maidens in love with brave warriors.
We will open the doors to the myths of those lands called Eriu, getting lost in the greenery and steep cliffs of Ireland and the untouched peaks of the Highlands. Crossing the door of the dreams to embrace a world made of magic and enchantment, which it is perhaps closer to reality than might believe.

Le Leggende del Sol Levante - Volume 02

The Legends of the Rising Sun
Mitologika - Volume 02

Where did the idea of ​​Mitologika - The Legends of the Rising Sun come from?
From the story of the spirits, creatures and gods you will meet in this volume. There are the Kami, the gods of the Shinto pantheon, and the most famous legends and stories, such as The Rabbit on the Moon or The Red Thread.
This journey will make us discover a different idea of ​​the world, because often the creatures of oriental mythologies are terrible and positive at the same time, monstrous yet peaceful, or beautiful and lethal. They are the representation of a concept in which Good and Evil are not distinct and opposed, but the different expressions of the same Whole, in continuous union and transformation.
Those who love anime, manga and the production of Hayao Miyazaki, will find in this volume many names and familiar creatures, met and already mentioned by him, and many others seen in oriental comics.
You will be able to discover their true history, the legend at the foundation of that character.

Le Leggende di Avelion - SPECIALE

Le Leggende di Avelion
Mitologika - SPECIALE

A world dominated by Five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Metal, with divinities, races and peoples devoted to them, according to their good and bad characteristics. There are Elemental Ladies, dragons, elves, dwarves, wizards, fairies, warriors and pirates.
All of this and much more is Avelion, a fantastic land born from the imagination of Alessia Mainardi which is the setting and gives the name to her debut work Avelion.
Ten years after the publication of the fantasy trilogy, Mitologika - The legends of Avelion takes us into a reality made up of magical creatures, ancient people and imaginary places, through the illustrations of fourteen different artists.
Fantasy or reality? In the city-state of Venia and among the Duchies of the Plains there are hidden corners of Italy, and among Pixie, Kelpie and evil Djinn there are parts of Celtic myths and legends from the ancient East.
The Five Carriers of the Elemental Weapons are destined to a life where there are nomads of the deserts, pirates of Norren, the ancient race of Felines, and also merciless beings and evil forces plotting in the shadows.
This is Avelion, a world to be discovered.

Le Leggende dell'Olimpo - Volume 03

The Legends of the Olympus
Mitologika - Volume 03

After the escape from the labyrinth and the defeat of the Minotaur, how does the story of Theseus and Ariadne end?
What secret does hide the Strait of Sicily, where in the past it was believed lived the monsters Scylla and Charybdis?
We find all the answers in classical mythology, that set of beliefs and stories that have come down to us from ancient Greece through the Romans. 
Even today these myths are the foundatition of Western culture. Epic adventures and exploits, which have like main characters gods like Zeus or Athena, indefatigable heroes like Heracles or Perseus, and wild beasts like Cerberus and the Harpies. All subject to the will of Fate, be they mortal or immortal.
The writer Alessia Mainardi tells the most famous and lesser-known events, moving in an imaginary from Olympus to the Underworld populated by gods, men and monsters. It is a journey into classical myths with an unpublished and original reinterpretation, accompanied of the illustrations by Vanadia Cinardo, Andrea Piparo, Lorenzo Benini, Ilaria Trombi and Maddalena Modena.

Le Leggende di Asgard - Volume 04

The Legends of Asgard 
Mitologika - Volume 04

Do you know where originates from beloved and now well-known character of Loki, also known as the Trickster? Who is Odin, king of the Aesir, venerated by so many as the Allfather? These are just the most famous names among the gods and other characters that appear in the pages of Mitologika - The legends of Asgard, the new illustrated volume of the series that explores the mythologies of the world.
This book tells of the culture of the Nordic people, including ancient beliefs and legends handed down from time to time. Written by Alessia Mainardi, with images by Lorenzo Benini, Roberta Corvigno, Maddalena Modena, Elena Saluzzi, Anna Schilirò and Ilaria Trombi.
You can read about the birth of the Nine Worlds supported by the majestic Yggdrasill ash, and the merciless beauty of the goddess Freya of the Vani lineage. You will learn about the power of the Nibelungen ring, the reason of the end of the love between the Valkyrie Brunhild and Siegfried, and of Skadi, the goddess of skis who travels between the mountains to hunt with her bow. 
It will be an exciting journey through ancient knowledge that inspired the most famous fantasy sagas, and also new discoveries, and some surprises.