Benvenuti nel Traveler Universe!

Beyond Time and Space, in a Multiverse lived on different Planes, what is divided unites, what is far becomes close.

When two souls are linked, even if the bodies do not touch, the essence will entangled forever.

In a impossible reality, to see and hear ... Beyond.

Following the path traced by Love.


These short phrases contain the meaning of my literary universe, the 'Traveler Universe' that binds all my urban-scifi novels, which are: Argetlam - The complete Saga, Blink - The Shining and ChaoLess - Out of Time. Continuing its evolution in the releases of the comic Lokinson, created jointly with the illustrator Elisa Taiana.

[At the moment all off my books are in italian language only]

The symbol of my literary universe is the union between the Celtic Triskell, referring to the saga of Argetlam, the ramifications of Yggdrasil, 'The Ash of the World' of Norse myths, linked to both Blink - The Shinig and Lokinson, and the Ankh, the key of life in Ancient Egypt culture,  about ChaosLess - Out of Time. Obviously with the T in evidence, that representing  Traveler Universe.

The literary universe I created by joining one piece after another starting from 2011, to form the mosaic that now has its binder in following the 'Traveler', brings up twelve of the most famous mythological pantheons, aliens considered gods called the Lineages. They are ruled by a supreme entity, emblem of the Order underlying of Everything, that she trying to give a rule to Chaos!

It is Chaos that reigns supreme in the Traveler Universe.
That upheaval that shouldn't be there, that violation of the rules, that feeling overcoming all barriers, even Time and Space.
It is Love, that nothing defeats and everything subverts.



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