Biografia e Curriculum

 Alessia Mainardi was born and lives in Parma, where she actively dedicates herself to writing.

Passionate about mythology and archeology, she has been an active fiction author since 2008.

Her first work was Avelion - The trilogy.

Since 2011 she has been involved in the construction of her literary universe, the Traveler Universe, which includes: Argetlam - The complete Saga, the steampunk novel Blink - The Shining, and ChaoLess - Out of Time, as well as the comic Lokinson, created by four hands with the designer Elisa Taiana.

Since 2018 she has been part of Casa Ailus, a self-publishing collective of authors and illustrators who have the common goal of promoting what they create in the various areas of the fantastic genre. She has personally created and edited for them the texts of the illustrated book series Mitologika.

Since 2003 she is a cosplayer as a hobby, who has made over 70 costumes (in the last three years, her costumes are wheelchair included). She performed and won in many Italian events, and now she is often on the cosplay contest jury in the same events.

She approached the cosplay world when in her life everything seemed to go wrong. At the age of eighteen she discovers that she is suffering from a rare degenerative genetic disease, Friedreich's Ataxia, that is incurable. Believing that her life was over and her future was burned she went into depression period, because she had become disabled. But the passion for "art of costume”, that offers her the occasion to play different character and to make a break of her real life, helping her to react to the diagnosis. She found new friends with same hobby, and she start considered every problems in the life only as a challenges.

She likes so much a challenges.

In 2011 she created and self-published Alessia in Cosplayland - Charity Project, that tells the importance of cosplayer activity has had in dealing with her disease.
In 2013 her autobiografy became a comic with the screenplay by Simone Brusca and the illustrations by Ivan Bella. The sales of both self-published volumes are donated in part to research the cure of Friedreich's Ataxia.

Currently, when she is not working to create or to promote her publications, you can be found her on the cosplay contest jury, obviously in cosplay ... wheelchair included!


2010 March - "Premio Musa" awarded by Municipality of Parma

2012 March - "Personal Growth" category, the ToyP prize,  awarded by the JCI section of Parma.

2012 May -  "Personal Growth" category, at national level,  awarded by the JCI Italy.



Work experience:

2008-today - Self-publisher and author of fantasy, urban-fantasy, steampunk and sci-fi novels, author and editor of a series of illustrated books about world's mythologies, screenwriter of Lokinson comic

2010 - Freelancer/editor for Lines Infinite Edizioni

2011 - Author published by Mattioli 1885

2013 - Author published by Emmeci Edizioni (Rome)

2014 - Author published by Nine9Art

2016-2017 - Founder and president of the cultural association Ailus Editrice

2018- today - Founder, author and editor in the collective of artists Casa Ailus (self-publishing)


Other experience:

2005-2009 - Creator, organizer and manager of the cosplay event 'Cos-Party - Parma'

2007 - Presenter of the cosplay contest at 'Hard-Rock Cos-Party - Turin'

2008 - Creator and organizer of the 'La Notte delle Fate' fashion show-event, promoted by the 'La Bottega delle Fate' shop (Parma)

2009 - Organizer, manager and presenter of the cosplay area at 'Parma Fantasy' event

2010-2011 - Organizer and co-manager of the cosplay area at 'Parma Fantasy' event

2011-2012 - Creator, organizer and manager of the cosplay event 'La Notte delle Stelle' (Parma)

2014 - Organizer and manager of the cosplay area at 'Nipponsai' event (Parma)

2014 - Creator, organizer and manager of the cosplay event 'La Notte delle Stelle' (Reggio Emilia)

2015 - Organizer, manager and presenter of the cosplay at 'SalsoFantasy' event (SalsoMaggiore Terme - Parma)

2008-2018 - Juror in various Cosplay Contests including: Fumettopoli, Lucca Comics, Cartoomics, Comic Festival (Novegro), San Marino Comics, Pavia Comis, CosMo, Mantova Comics, Modena Nerd and others.