ChaosLess - Fuori dal Tempo

ChaosLess - Out of Time

The land of Egypt holds a secret, which it has hidden to men for thousands of years.
Susan, archaeologist at the head of an expedition financed by a mysterious multinational, will try to find out.
Everything to discover revolve around an ancient sarcophagus impossible to open.
The answer will be very different from what she imagined, but at the same time it will confirm a truth that has always echoed in her soul. Among rubble and indecipherable codes, Susan will know a part of herself and her origins, which it could rewrite the history of humanity. 
Will she accept or rebel against a destiny out of Time?
The tale of ChaosLess - Out of Time, a book by the author Alessia Mainardi, part of the Traveler Universe, unfolds between curses, inviolate tombs and strange amulets. Past, present and future, men and gods intersect along the banks of the Nile.Where it all began.
Everyone will deal with the plots that Chaos has prepared, where they are the pawns of an 11,000 years long game.

Urban-fantasy/sci-fi novel (italian language only), B/W, 268 pages, 14,8 x 21 cm

Author: Alessia Mainardi
Illustration by: Lorenzo Benini, Siriana Crastolla,Eric De Paoli, Maddalena Modena, Anna Schilirò, Elisa Taiana, Ilaria Trombi
Cover by: Ilaria Trombi
Editor: Silvia Bia

Self-publishing in collaboration with Casa Ailus