Blink - La Scintilla

Blink - The Shining

He is the god from a collapsed universe of heroes and spells, and he woke up in a distant world and in the body of another one, in an age in which it seems there is no magic.
She survived a terrible accident and lives in a half recostructed body, knowing nothing about what happened and scared about the future as an outcast. Fate brings them together, but not everything is as casual as it might appear.
In a two voice novel set in Victorian London in 1872, in Blink – The Shining the author Alessia Mainardi follows the story of Loki, God of Mischief coming from the legendary Asgard, and Elizabeth, a noble girl with a mechanical heart who hides inside the Blink -soul and the secret of life.
For him, taken the Blink would mean recover all the skills lost in the 'Twilight of the Gods', including going back to his own Land.
It will be a difficult challenge, as the God will find out that not to be the only one interested it and not even the last survivor of Ragnarok drown in a steampunk world – completely unknow to him.
A thrilling adventure develops among automata at human service, mechanical coaches and high society parties, and the bounders between good and bad, right and wrong, trade place and swap to astonish at every turn.
A journey where the main characters will learn to extend their view beyond their individuality, finding out that love can sometimes wound, upset plans, but also surprise, and that people and reality never are what they seems.

Steampunk novel (italiam language only), B/w, 192 pages, 15x21cm

Author: Alessia Mainardi
Illustration by: Marco F. Caporale, Maddalena ModenaIlaria Trombi
Cover by: Ilaria Trombi
Editor: Silvia Bia

Self-publishing in collaboration with Casa Ailus