Argetlam - La Saga

Argetlam - The complete Saga

The story of Argetlam saga has its foundation in Irish legends linked to the lineage of the Tuatha de Danann and their king Nuada, nicknamed 'Argetlam' for the silver prosthesis that replaced his right arm lost in battle.
Everything revolves around this mythical hero who suddenly awakens to the present day, and he collides with the modern world, populated with people and situations that are all too normal. But the supernatural, with its aura of magic and mystery, will soon manifest itself, overwhelming everything and everyone.
What has always been considered legend may be ... real.
Four books, each of which has as its title the name of one of the Four Precious of the Tuatha de Danann: the Sword of Light, the Lance of Victory, the Cauldron of Plenty and the Stone of Destiny
Four different countries: Italy, England, Ireland and Scotland.
Four years of time for an adventure through real and mythical places, where legendary gods and heroes and ordinary people must learn to coexist and face unpredictable and lethal enemies.

Author: Alessia Mainardi
Illustrations by: Marco F. Caporale, Maddalena ModenaIlaria Trombi
Cover by: Ilaria Trombi
Editor: Silvia Bia

Volume I: Urban fantasy/sci-fi novel (italian language only), B/W, 512 pages, 15x21cm
Volume II: Urban fantasy/sci-fi novel (italian language only), B/W, 432 pages, 15x21cm


Argetlam - The Sword of Light
Book I

Ginevra is twenty years old and lives with her adoptive family, made up of her older brother Alessandro and her parents. Her quiet existence is shattered when, one day, visiting a Celtic exhibition in her city, the statue of "The conquered warrior" comes to life before her eyes.
That statue is actually Nuada, king of the Tuatha De Danann, the mythical lineage that ruled Ireland before mankind. He is known as "Argetlam" - Silver Arm in Gaelic - due to the metal prosthesis that replaces his right arm lost in battle.
From that moment, a special bond is established between them - Symbiosis - and Ginevra discovers that her life is very different from what she has always known.
Against the background of the Italian city of Parma and its ancient monuments, the plot of "Argetlam - The Sword of Light" unfolds, the first chapter of the saga that has its foundation among the legends and gods of the Celtic world.
The author accompanies us in a background populated by modern young people who work, study and live normally, but who will be dragged among divine lineages that have always fought for supremacy, who live hidden among us. The challenge of Nuada and his companions is to save the human race by recovering the Four Precious, magical objects with huge powers, that its are: the Sword of Light, the Lance of Victory, the Cauldron of Plenty and the Stone of Destiny.
In the tangled of modern history, myths, magic and distant cultures, everyone will face the biggest challenge: to know and accept themselves, overcoming their fears and weaknesses, to rebel against a destiny that seems already written.


Argetlam -  The Lance of Victory
Book II

Almost a year has passed since Geneva's life was turned upside down by the awakening of Nuada "Argetlam", the king of the legendary lineage of the Tuatha De Danann who remained for thousands of years in the form of a statue. This is how she discovered that she was the last descendant of the magical Fairy race by allying herself with her friends to the king to save the Earth from destruction.
After defeating the Fomorian in Parma, Nuada, Ginevra and her friends leave for London to find the Lance of Victory, the weapon that belonged to the legendary warrior Lugh. Here the young Fairy and the king of De Danann will have to deal with the past and with ancient knowledge that seemed to be buried in the memories.
Enemies will become useful allies, friends will prove to be not so trustworthy, upsetting all the certainties of the main characters.
Between Glastonbury, Stonehenge, and London, between the City and Big Ben, the stories of the protagonists of "Argetlam - The Lance of Victory" intertwine, at  the second chapter of the saga inspired by the legends and gods of the Celtic world. 
In a difficult new test, humans and legendary heroes will once again find themselves side by side, fighting for an ideal or a love, lost or wanted. They will fight to discover their origins, defeat their fears and save their people.


Argetlam - The Cauldron of Plenty
Book III

For the first time since they met, Ginevra and Nuada "Argetlam" are far away.
The king of the legendary lineage of Tuatha De Danann, awakened after thousands of years in the contemporary world, is imprisoned by the rival lineage of the Fomorian and he is under the mental yoke of the evil Maeve.
Through the Symbiosis that binds her to Nuada, Ginevra relives in her mind the experiences and emotions of her previous life, discovering a past that she would never have imagined. Taking advantage of this special connection, the last descendant of the magical Fairy race will find the strength to keep fighting, continuing the challenge of finding the Four Precious that will prevent the destruction of the human race.
This time the author takes us to the most enigmatic places in Ireland, from the narrow streets of Dublin to the steep Cliffs of Moher.
The third chapter of the saga inspired by the legends and gods of the Celtic world marks a turning point for Ginevra and her friends. After recovering the Sword of Light and the Spear of Victory, the young people will explore the Sidhe, the ancient kingdom of the De Danann, in the race against time to save humanity from the Fomorian, who are on the trail of the Cauldron of Plenty.
Between plot twists, fights and unexpected revelations, Ginevra will arrive at the battle ready to accept to stand by Nuada's side.


Argetlam - The Stone of Destiny
Book IV

The Day of Judgment is near, the representatives of the Twelve Lineages are about to return to Earth to determine if humanity can be elected as Thirteenth and continue to exist with them. Ginevra and Nuada, the king of the Tuatha De Danann awakened in the contemporary world,will be able to save the human race from destruction?
After four years of battles, discoveries and encounters, every truth will be revealed in the finale of Argetlam, the saga inspired by the myths of the Celtic world and the legends of Northern Europe.
In this last chapter, the young Fairy, the last descendant of her magical race, after having faced a path full of dangers and challenges that from the unconscious girl she was transformed her into a warrior, is ready to have her role alongside of Nuada "Argetlam" and to build a new future with him.
To help them, extraordinary companions, common youngsters and legendary heroes, who have joined them along the way, will travel to Edinburgh, Scotland, to find the last of the Four Precious, which will change the fate of the entire universe.
On their way they will find enemies ready to do anything to become the rulers of the Earth.
The key to everything is the Stone of Destiny, hidden in the fortress of the Scottish capital: here friends, enemies, monsters, gods and unexpected allies, human and otherwise, will find themselves for the final battle in which fate will decide.