Alessia in Cosplayland - Progetto di beneficenza

Alessia in Cosplayland - Charity Project

It’s the story of one girl, affected from a rare neurological progressive disease, that met the incredible world of cosplay learning to fight against every trouble and to love life, accepting both positive and negative sides, becoming who she ever thought to be.
From it everything began.
Alessia Mainardi is a cosplayer since 2003 and has won several contests presented during Italian conventions and fairs, and currently she is a writer of fantasy novels; in 2011 she decided to write her personal life history with an autobiographic book, entirely sponsored by the author, whose results are entirely devolved to search of genetic diseases cure, especially regarding Friedreich’s Atassia, which Alessia is affected from, through the international project of Babel Family
In 2013, thanks to the interest of the scriptwriter Simone Brusca and the illustrator Ivan Bella, the project 'Alessia in Cosplayland' has begun a graphic novel with the subtitle "The Mirror of Reality", always published to her own charges, that keeps the same charity purpose, raising funds to be devolved to the medical search to find a cure to genetic diseases. It’s also an opportunity to tell, with the book before and the comic after, a different point of view on the world of disabled people: looking with a new mind you can realize that this status is not the end but a different point of departure.

Alessia in Cosplayland” is a self-published project, therefore it cannot be found in usual sale channels.
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Alessia in Cosplayland - The Photo Book

Alessia lives in Parma with grandparents and since she was a child she dreamt to become archaeologist.
As all teenagers, she went to school, practiced sport and during leisure time she read books and went to the cinema.
Exactly in the moment she began to think on future and on her aspirations, doctors diagnosed her Friedreich’s Ataxia, a hereditary, progressive, neurological disorder.
He was 18 and the first reaction was to fall in a depression mood and to retire to home, feeling ashamed from people’s stares and glances, thinking they were judging her.
One day, however, something new happened: Alessia, since ever fascinated by comics (manga) and cartoons (anime), got in touch with comics & games conventions and with “cosplay”. Exactly as Alice from Carroll’s novel arrived in Wonderland, Alessia discovered “Cosplayland”, an universe of colours, imagination and a bit of good madness, where everybody, also who feels, in reality, to be different, can change and turn into whoever is desired. So she bought a sewing machine and with grandmother Betty she began to create with her own hands beautiful dresses and costumes, so cute to catch during costume parade the same stares she previously avoided.
So Alessia became “Ryuki”, a well-known and appreciated “cosplayer”.
In few years she dressed up as Lady Oscar (Versailles no Bara), Queen Elizabeth, The Corpse Bride, Jack Sparrow and many other characters that every time she perfectly performed, till to find again, cosplay after cosplay, event after event, her own identity for so many years hidden because of the fear not to be approved. Now Alessia is an appreciated cosplayer, organizer of events and author of the fantasy saga "Avelion”.
The book "Alessia in Cosplayland", autobiography in "costume" of Alessia Mainardi, is not the story of a girl and her disease. It’s the story of Alessia that decided to fight against an apparently hopeless fate to find again herself and to become a person that is not ashamed from her own tottering walk, but that loves life as it comes, accepting all shades, from the brightest to the darkest. It’s the true story of a girl that is the living demonstration that limits can be overcome and unattainable targets can be reached.
In fact, as the author says, “will is what everybody needs to realize even the impossible”.


Alessia in Cosplayland - The Mirror of Reality
The Grafic Novel

Tick, tick... The hands of the clock turn, but the time for Alessia seems to have stopped. Since the moment doctors diagnosed her a serious incurable disease, her life seems to have lost every meaning, till when she discovered that there is a way to quit sadness and to become somebody else: cosplay. Alessia meets a new world, begins to create costumes and changes herself into movies, cartoons and comics characters.
Thanking imagination, she finds again the strength to return to live. 
In 2013, from the pencil of Ivan Bella and with the screen-play of Simone Brusca, a new project has born, the graphic novel "Alessia in Cosplayland - The Mirror of Reality", freely inspired to the beneficence book "Alessia in Cosplayland".
The autobiography of the writer and cosplayer Alessia Mainardi becomes the graphic history of a special heroin, made of flesh and bones. In fact there are heroes of paper from comics and cartoons, and also movie and TV stars… but there are also real people, that sometimes are able of extraordinary actions without supernatural gifts or superpowers. The comic tells about a girl that was quite on the line to die inside, but that at the end was saved by imagination.
The story is about a sudden disease that swooped to upset the happy life of an 18 year old girl.
It’s about a coloured and mad world that became a refuge when the fate seemed to be hopeless, letting her reviving step by step. The name of this girl is Alessia Mainardi and this is a true story, that starts with a diagnosis that seemed a final sentence. In this story there are not bad guys to fight. The only great enemy is a real existing disease, Friedreich’s Atassia, that progressively strikes the nervous system limiting so much all movements, also the simplest ones… the cure has not been found yet. 
In this story there are no superpowers. Or maybe yes… or else determination, imagination, even madness. And then friendship, love, understanding. Powers that leaded Alessia to rise up again and fight the fate.
With cosplay, but not only, she became sorceress, elf, queen and pirate, princess, dancer and singer. And finally she found the way to restart to be herself and to find the courage to turn back to reality. She realized the dream to become a writer and to feel as a normal girl… because “disability, sometimes, is only a matter of points of view".