Le Leggende delle Due Terre - Volume 05

The Legends of the Two Lands
Mitologika - Volume 05

Did you know that the first Cinderella in history has Egyptian origins?
Her name was Rodopi and we probably owe the best known fable we all know to her events.
Have you ever knowed why 17 is considered an unlucky number?
These are some of the many curiosities that you will find in the pages of Mitologika - The legends of the Two Lands, the new illustrated volume of the series that explores and delves into mythologies from all over the world.
There are fearsome monsters, gods, kings and queens who made the fame of Ancient Egypt great, but also lesser known stories, forgotten from school books and documentaries. All described in the texts of Alessia Mainardi with illustrations by Eric De Paoli, Marco Fabbri, Cristiana Fumagalli, Vanadia Iudici, Maddalena Modena and Ilaria Trombi.
The narration opens the doors to a familiar and at the same time never seen Egypt: there are Ramses II and Nefertari, the love story between Isis and Osiris, the funeral rites, but also the birth of Horus, the first pharaoh and the last queen.
Through these pages you can discover the many threads that connect our culture to the Egyptian one.

Italian language only, colours illustrated book, 104 pages, A4 (21x29,7 cm)

Author: Alessia Mainardi
Illustration by:Vanadia Cinardo, Eric De PaoliMarco FabbriCristiana FumagalliMaddalena ModenaIlaria Trombi
Cover by: Cristiana Fumagalli
Editor: Silvia Bia

Self-publishing in collabotation with Casa Ailus