Le Leggende di Asgard - Volume 04

The Legends of Asgard 
Mitologika - Volume 04

Do you know where originates from beloved and now well-known character of Loki, also known as the Trickster? Who is Odin, king of the Aesir, venerated by so many as the Allfather? These are just the most famous names among the gods and other characters that appear in the pages of Mitologika - The legends of Asgard, the new illustrated volume of the series that explores the mythologies of the world.
This book tells of the culture of the Nordic people, including ancient beliefs and legends handed down from time to time. Written by Alessia Mainardi, with images by Lorenzo Benini, Roberta Corvigno, Maddalena Modena, Elena Saluzzi, Anna Schilirò and Ilaria Trombi.
You can read about the birth of the Nine Worlds supported by the majestic Yggdrasill ash, and the merciless beauty of the goddess Freya of the Vani lineage. You will learn about the power of the Nibelungen ring, the reason of the end of the love between the Valkyrie Brunhild and Siegfried, and of Skadi, the goddess of skis who travels between the mountains to hunt with her bow. 
It will be an exciting journey through ancient knowledge that inspired the most famous fantasy sagas, and also new discoveries, and some surprises.

Italian language only, colours illustrated book, 108 pages, A4 (21x29,7cm)

Author: Alessia Mainardi
Illustration by: Lorenzo Benini, Roberta Corvigno, Maddalena Modena, Elena Saluzzi , Anna Schilirò, Ilaria Trombi
Cover by: Roberta Corvigno
Editor: Silvia Bia

Self-publishing in collaboration with Casa Ailus