Le Leggende di Eriu - Volume 01

The Legends of Eriu
Mitologika - Volume 01

They are stories buried by time, distant and unknown to many, those that are told in Mitologika - The legends of Eriu.
This is the first volume of the book series dedicated to the mythologies of the world, created, writed and edited by Alessia Mainardi in collaboration with collective of artist Casa Ailus.
On this journey the author will guide us through prophecies, curses and battles, telling us about the ancient traditions and popular beliefs of the Anglo-Saxon countries that were the foundation of the fantasy genre.
It is a pictured story, which will make us discover the glories and tribulations of the Tuatha De Danann lineage. We will meet fascinating Sidhe, weeping Banshee, and horrible Fomori with a soul as black as darkness. And yet great kings and queens, conquerors of remote lands, and beautiful immortal maidens in love with brave warriors.
We will open the doors to the myths of those lands called Eriu, getting lost in the greenery and steep cliffs of Ireland and the untouched peaks of the Highlands. Crossing the door of the dreams to embrace a world made of magic and enchantment, which it is perhaps closer to reality than might believe.

Italian language only, colours illustrated book, 96 pages, A4 (21x29,7cm)

Author: Alessia Mainardi
Illustration by: Rossana Berretta, Siriana Crastolla, Maddalena Modena, Andrea Piparo, Ilaria Trombi
Cover by: Andrea Piparo
Editor: Silvia Bia

Self-publishing in collaboration with Casa Ailus